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Flood Maps of the Water Development Department


The Force consists of five departments, staffed by volunteers and supervised by permanent personnel:

The First Aid Department is responsible for providing first aid to injured people until they receive medical attention. Its members attend a first aid training programme and then take an examination in order to obtain the relevant certification.

The Department of Welfare is responsible for providing food, accommodation, clothing, footwear and healthcare to citizens who have been affected by natural or man-made disasters or to people in need of protection.

The Neighbourhood Watch Department is the link between the local community of the neighbourhoods and the Civil Defence. It is responsible for providing general assistance to the public, monitoring the problems and needs of the residents, estimating the developed situation and reinforcing the means that have been sent to the area.

The Communications Department is responsible for receiving and transmitting information related to the estimation of an area’s needs and collecting all the facts that are necessary for the coordination of the prevention and response units. Communication is succeeded with the use of wireless radio devices and wired telecommunications network, as well as with satellite or electronic communications.

The Search and Rescue teams’ members receive systematic weekly training. The  mission is to respond quickly to search and rescue operations after an earthquake, firefighting, water pumping, searching for missing persons, evacuation of population, etc. The teams are equipped with modern equipment for the implementation of their mission. Since establishment in 2000, the teams responded to hundreds of incidents of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.