• Cyprus Civil Defence

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Flood Maps of the Water Development Department

What we do

Τhe Cyprus Civil Defence offers a broad range of services for the protection of citizens in times of peace and of the civilian population in times of war.

Its responsibilities include devising and implementing plans, conducting training and exercises and enforcing new methods and practices in the field of civil protection, in line with international and European standards.

It takes part in mobilizations for emergencies, such as extinguishing fires, evacuating inhabited areas, pumping water from flooded areas, searching for missing persons, rescuing people buried in ruins, and receiving people in need of international protection.

In order for its mission to be successful, it is divided into departments and units, to ensure that its staff receive the best possible training, respond quickly and react effectively in an organized way.

The members of the Civil Defence Force are always in readiness for immediate response within about an hour. For this very reason, exercises take place regularly.

The Cyprus Civil Defence communicates with its members for mobilization and response to emergency situations via web sms messages, among other means.

At the same time, Cyprus Civil Defence maintains an early warning system consisting of 150 sirens that cover the free part of the Republic of Cyprus.