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EU Civil Protection Mechanism

The EU Civil Protection Mechanism, established in 2001 and revised in 2007, in 2013 and 2019, was an important initiative at European level. As a European Commission’s institution, it provides mutual assistance between the Member-States (and to third countries) in case of disaster or emergency.

  • The Mechanism provides a frame of cooperation and assistance in emergencies and can be activated both inside and outside the borders of the European Union
  • It promotes the cooperation between the member states of the Union in the civil protection field
  • It supports the efforts of the Member- States of the Union on a national, regional and local level, providing effective “tools” in order to prevent, prepare for, and cope with natural or man-made disasters.

Any country affected by major disasters may request assistance from the Civil Protection Mechanism. The Cyprus Civil Defence is the body of the Republic of Cyprus through which assistance is sought or provided. The operation of the Mechanism is mainly supported by:

  • The Emergency Response Coordination Center – ERCC,
  • The Common Emergency Communication and Information System – CECIS,
  • The databases (Rescue Modules, Civil Defence Modules, and TAST Modules) with the available resources and
  • The Training Programme and the Exchange of Experts Programme

The Cyprus Civil Defence actively participates in:

  • The EU Civil Protection Mechanism’s training programme, aiming to improve the personnel’s skills on providing and receiving assistance from the Mechanism.
  • The Exchange of Experts programme, aiming at the exchange of valuable knowledge and experience on working methods.

The Cyprus Civil Defence has a coordinating role in the Exchange of Experts programme in Cyprus. For more information on the programme, visit the website.